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  • I called BA housecleaning after moving to Oakland and having way to much to do on my plate. I was on a budget but I needed a good clean so I called BA house cleaning. I made an appointment only to be sitting there the next day with nobody cleaning my house. I called and that my appointment wasn't confirmed (they never said I needed confirmation). So anyway I called another lady who said her and her friend can do it all for 80 bucks. I booked the appointment appointment and ladies came. Not the ladies I hired though. Ladies from BA house cleaning. I thought I was getting my 80 dollar house cleaning from these ladies when really it was BA housecleaning who charged 300 dollars. The second set of cleaning ladies showed up and insisted I pay them. So i paid them and BA house cleaning. I called and the owner said she would take 80 dollars off for my trouble. I ended up wasting so much money such a poor service. They said they would clean my basement and take the boxes out of one of the bedrooms. The boxes are there still and the basement is dirty everywhere. I have been so upset with my decision and my waste of money here. I worked hard to afford to clean my house just to hire a shitty service. The ladies who cleaned the house were nice but the secretary was a mess and didn't know what stress you caused me. If you see this Anita please contact me so you at least give me part of my fee back. Until then it is my personal goal to make sure your service is known for what it is. Half assed cleaning, scheming for money, and unorganized. Please don't use this service and save yourself the trouble.

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